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The mission of the Outreach Committee at the United Church in Walpole is to serve the congregation and community by providing inspiring and educational outreach opportunities that utilize our collective time, talents and financial resources to help those truly in need.  Outreach is not just what we do, it’s who we are!

Advent Mission Project Gifts for Kids Program

For 20 years, the Gifts for Kids Program has helped ease the financial burden for less fortunate families during the holiday season. Children identified by human service providers in the surrounding communities of Canton, Dedham, Foxboro, Medfield, Millis, Norfolk, Norwood, Plainville, Sharon, Walpole, Westwood, and Wrentham receive holiday gifts through the generosity of people in our community. This year, due to the current financial situation that many families are facing, the need is greater than ever. Each of our Sunday school classrooms will be using the children’s offering they collected through December 5th to purchase a gift for a child sponsored by their class. We will also be accepting cash donations from the wider congregation for this great cause. Checks can be made payable to Gifts for Kids and left in the church office.  Their website is: www.giftsforkidsinfo.com.

TConfirmation Students load truckhe scope of the Outreach Committee’s activities is to include a local, ecumenical, and global component that promotes “hands-on” enriching outreach opportunities.  In addition, Outreach keeps the congregation informed on pertinent social issues and facilitates applicable fundraisers for people and agencies in need.

It begins with the youth of the church and the many outreach activities they perform every year, from “hands on” mission work during the annual summer mission trip, participation in the “The 30 Hour Famine” to raise money to hunger across the globe, to preparing meals for the poor and homeless of the inner city. The church school children donate clothing, school supplies and toys for impoverished children through vYouth Building Projectarious community groups such as “Cradles to Crayons.”  Children and adults provide money and emergency items for global victims of natural disasters through various agencies and direct contributions.

The Outreach Committee does more than supply funds to the deserving organizations on our specific Outreach agency list. We gather food twice a year for the Walpole Food Pantry. We provide free office and meeting space for the Center for Community Counseling and Education which offers various mental health and community programs to the people of Walpole and the surrounding towns.  Individual members of the congregation are supported in their various outreach efforts such as Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger, the American Heart Association walk and the efforts of the local Peace Group.

Our annual local mission project, Community OutreYouth Mission Tripach Work Day or “COW” Day, was kicked off in 2005 with an Outreach sermon and a children’s story composed and told by the Outreach committee.  COW Day, held in October or November each year, enlists volunteers to provide needed services to the elderly or disabled in our community.  Projects that are difficult for the elderly, such as yard work, leaf raking, painting, home repairs, and heavy duty cleaning, are gladly undertakenby volunteers from our congregation.  Cross-generational participation is encouraged and has ranged from age eight to age 97.

C-O-W day volunteer activitiesC-O-W day volunteer activitiesC-O-W day volunteer activities

The Outreach Committee is always looking for committed, energetic, insightful and creative volunteers.  Join us in reaching out with Outreach.




New Committee Members Welcomed

Senior High Youth Group Participation in “30 Hour Famine”


One Great Hour of Sharing Collection to Support the Work of Church World Mission


5th/6th Grade Sunday School Class Prepare and Serve Lunch at Attleboro Soup Kitchen

Children and Youth Lenten Service Project, Collecting Items for Homeless Families for Donation to Father Bills/Mainspring House in Stoughton


Walpole Food Pantry Ingathering


Senior High Mission Trip


Community Outreach Work Day (COW Day)


Walpole Food Pantry Ingathering


Casey’s Mitten Tree

Annual Contributions to Designated Charities and Allocating Outreach Discretionary Income


Each month, the Outreach Committee focuses attention on a particular organization or cause that is supported by the congregation of United Church.  One such organization is The Grow Clinic at Boston Medical Center.

Founded in 1984 by pediatrician Deborah Frank, The Grow Clinic is an outpatient clinic treating babies and toddlers diagnosed with Failure to Thrive.  Failure to Thrive children are mild to moderately malnourished and, accordingly, are not growing at rates similar to other children their age.  Because malnutrition is both a medical problem and a socioeconomic condition, the Clinic takes a multidisciplinary approach to care by providing a range of services from healthy food for babies and toddlers, speech and language services, a food pantry to provide food at home for the family, and clothing appropriate to the season.  The clinic will even provide taxi service to and from the center if needed.

Children referred to the Grow Clinic come from the poorest neighborhoods in Boston, including Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan.  Nearly all the children live below the poverty line and 10% of the children are homeless.

In 2006, 13 million children lived in poverty nationwide.  It has been well documented that wages and benefits for the working poor are not keeping up with the costs for food and shelter.  For young children, this translates into both lack of food and lack of the right food.  As an example, a two year old patient at the Grow Clinic may be allergic to milk.  This child’s mother was told that her child needed soy milk and fresh fruit and vegetables—food that she cannot afford.  The Grow Clinic will step in to provide the necessary food so that the child can develop normally.  The typical child visits the clinic for 16-18 months of intervention services, far longer than the typical intervention program that lasts only two or three months.

The Grow Clinic has been treating malnourished, low-income children for 25 years.  Over 1650 children have graduated from the program—children who might otherwise be permanently impaired by malnutrition.


Our Church’s Wider Mission

City Mission Society

Boston Medical Center Grow Clinic

Center for Community Counseling and Education

Medicine for Humanity

Mil Milagros

Homes for the Troops

Gifts for Kids

Mass Energy Consumers Alliance

Heifer Project

Longview Farm

Walpole Food Pantry

Wrentham Food Pantry


Mainspring Coalition for the Homeless


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